Aksa Provides Power To Field Hospitals

As Aksa Power Generation, we always provide support the healthcare industry . We have carried out hospital projects in many countries all around the World. During, Covid 19, we all work remotely and continue our projects for the healthcare industry. Aksa Power Generation is always with the health industry.

After first emerging in China in December, Covid-19 disease has spread over 200 countries. There has been a global battle to prevent virus from further spreading. Our company is also doing its best in this challenge. We are supporting all hospitals and healthcare institutions across Turkey in their fight against the virus. Regardless of brand, we are offering free-of-charge technical service on 24/7 basis to all the hospitals and healthcare institutions in Turkey, to meet their needs in case of gen-set failure.

Aksa Power Generation, providing the energies of the completed construction of two field hospitals in Turkey. Also, Aksa Power Generation delivered 20 MW gen-set by producing it within 10 days for the Field Hospitals planned to be completed in 45 days. During Covid-19 Period Aksa Provided emergency power supply to Hospitals in USA, China, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkmenistan and many different countries all around the world. We are confident that we will overcome these difficult times through solidarity. At Aksa, we will have always been a groundbreaking company, will lead the industry with innovations.

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