The Algerian state power company 20 units. 880KVA, 10KV container rites high voltage gensets runs weaver.

Moscow Ruihao PVC factory, 3 units 2250KVA, 400V container rites gensets runs weaver.

Istanbul international airport, 5 units 2000KVA, 6.3KV high voltage gensets runs weaver.

Turkey telecommunications companies, 245 units mobile power cars, power involves 220KVA-600KVA, the total capacity of 54112KVA.

Philippines DMCI group, 18 units APD1513M-6 containerized gensets and parallel operation.

British Tesco supermarket, 31 units gensets, power involves 650KVA-1435KVA, the total capacity of 34065KVA.

Dubai oil company, thousands of generating units serve major oil fields in the Middle East, power involves 200KVA-800KVA.

Japan TORAY company, 1 units APD1000C container rites gensets grid connected operation.